Geraint Warrington Lighting Cameraman/ Director of Create Pictures.

With over 15 years experience gained working within the industry, I pride myself on my ability to shoot and light creatively with the speed and enthusiasm required for today's productions. I have filmed hours of primetime content for all the major networks including BBC, ITV, C4, Five and have extensive worldwide experience having worked throughout Europe, the US and Asia. Through my experience I'll bring a high level of creativity and energy to your production and am passionate about achieving the best results. I own my own Digi Beta 790 camera as well as a DSR 450 and have expert knowledge of all Sony's and Panasonics latest HD cameras. With the kit you'll also get a superior range of accessories including a full compliment of lenses, extensive features lighting kit and a lot more.

I will personally endeavour to crew your production but if I'm busy on another project, Create Pictures have built up a database of innovative professional camera crews with years of documentary/ features experience, so if your looking to use a Director of Photography or a full features crew I can supply it.

Create Pictures is based in London and happy to work throughout the UK and worldwide